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Objects searching
  • Share your ideas with us - the more exactly the better and faster we can fulfil your dream. We will use our whole know-how, our connections to Apulia and our whole heart for you.Please have a look first at our offerts on this website - maybe there already is something suitable for you?
Buy only what you have visited yourself!

As soon as you have decided and you want to visit the object, we agree on an inspection appointment. Because we can show not all objects on our homepage - it would sprinkle the frame and lead to vagueness - we show you on site very much with pleasure on site other objects.
With your trip to Italy - flight, lodging, etc. - we help for you very much with pleasure.

Acquisition development
  • Company and consultation concerning the objects
  • Consultation and examination of the plans, accompaniment to all offices and authorities, interpretation and translation - when required consult of an evaluator.
  • Clarification concerning planning permissions.
  • Preparation and development of the precontract (compromesso) / contract.
Preparation and winding up provisional agreement (compromesso) / contract.

Building measures

Especially for planned or necessary renovation or modernisation measures or gen. construction achievements we co-operate very contently with our local partners, who have many years' experience - especially in the renovation of Trulli and old buildings. Here you can find example of a Trullos renovation: renovierter Trullo
Since just the restoration of the Trulli is a craft which many believe to control, it, unfortunately, are not able to do.

trullo Beach of Torre Guacet

Decoration 2006



Fulfil dreams!

CASAinAPULIA wishes, that even more people fulfif their life`s dream -
a holiday or second home, or the principal residence in Apulia.

This is sometimes easier than one thinks - presumed one has taken into consideration all factors: Not only position and buying price should be taken into consideration: Indispensably it is exactly to know the on-site co-relations. Only with an experienced partner, that knows what it depends on, save an amount of time, money and unpleasant surprises. Since without a good preparation(prearrangement), without knowledge of the laws and customs in the land(country) and without personal assistance on-site,the dream a can become a costly nightmare.
In order to prevent you from such bad surprises, there there is CASAinAPULIA , ready to support and assist you (see please also About us ).

baeume Olive trees at Ostuni

Where comes this large offer of small house in Apulia from? Why? Over and over again new real estate offers come because by the increased taxation which the Italian state has imposed on local owners of two houses, many arrange to sell their summer cottage or second real estate.

CASAinAPULIA and his local partners on-site know the land and the people. We are demanded over and over again or pointed out to it if somebody liked to sell his small house or property. Thereby it is to be guaranteed to us possibly a great offer and also to fulfil your ideas.

We - CASAinAPULIA - try to make possible that purchaser and seller agree on a fair price, which means no exorbitant price. We also mind that a soft tourism persists in the region. It should not come to no mass sales and mass construction like in other regions of Italy or other countries of southern Europe.

Further we support our customers before, during and also after the acquisition. There is nothing the nicer, than a contented and happy house-owner in Apulia.

baeume Trullo at Ceglie

We are glad to support you on your way to your dream.